As this Spring issue of Perspectives goes to press, we are in the middle of “graduation season.” Our communities` children and young adults are taking big steps into the high schools, universities and graduate programs that will prepare them for the opportunities and challenges that life presents. Some are now entering the job market or volunteer organizations that will allow them to develop further the nascent skills and knowledge that they acquired in academia and deploy them; hopefully with passion.

As lawyers, we highly value education and the opportunities and richness of life`s experiences that it can and has afforded us. We look back on our university and law school years with the perspective that only time provides and realize that the gift of education is what has enabled us to engage in the most interesting of professions – A profession that provides the challenge and satisfaction of helping people solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Moreover, at Carr, McClellan we have been doubly fortunate to be able to contribute our training and talent to the good of the communities which we serve through service on many civic, educational, charitable and religious organizations. We strive always to provide these services and make these contributions with passion.

It is very apparent that we must never stop learning, as the law and the demands that our ever-changing society places on the law, requires it. Our lawyers are learning all the time. They not only keep up with the advances and changes in the law, but they learn from you, our valued clients and friends about your businesses, your approaches to problem solving and your analysis of opportunities. They learn from colleagues at other firms and from adversaries about what to do and what not to do. All of this learning is deployed to provide the very best legal knowledge, experience and skill to serve our clients.

This issue of Perspectives, like all of them, attempts in some small measure to impart some of our learning to you. It comes in all “sizes and shapes” from the benefits of the “SNDA” to the possible liability of the “FRD.”

Carr, McClellan congratulates all of your graduates and encourages all of you to keep learning. We certainly will do so.