January 26, 2011
Strategic Use of Arbitration and Mediation Provisions in Real Estate Contracts
Presenters:  Kendall Patton and Mark D. Hudak, Carr McClellan


March 30, 2011
Tax Ramifications of Foreclosures, Deeds in Lieu, and Short Sales
Presenters: Lisa H. Stalteri and Brendan T. Lund, Carr McClellan


May 25, 2011
Effective Strategies for Recovering Possession of Leased Premises
Presenters: Jennifer C. JohnsonMichael J. McQuaid, and W. George Wailes, Carr McClellan


November 30, 2011
Notices of Nonresponsibility – Are They As Effective As You Believe?
Presenter: William F. Gutierrez, Carr McClellan