In this first edition of Perspectives for 2010, we want to provide you guidance regarding new law, insight on opportunities created by existing law and advice for the challenges facing all of us because of law we never thought would become effective.  With that teaser” I encourage you to read each of the articles that follow. 

To provide you, our clients, with the best current advice and counsel, we realize that we have to invest in our firm’s infrastructure.  Last fall, Carr McClellan undertook a major technology conversion that updated our technology “backbone” to boost our ability to serve our clients. The firm upgraded more than 80 computers and among numerous software upgrades, converted to a new document management system so that we can create, search, analyze, store and manage the firm’s and your documents with greater efficiency. 

We are pleased to have continued our long-standing tradition of community service and commitment to “green” corporate standards by finding new uses for the electronic equipment that we replaced in our technology upgrade.  As in 2006, we donated more than 70 computers, monitors and keyboards to the Menlo Atherton High School which serves East Palo Alto. As we have done for 65 years, we encourage all of you to consider giving back to your communities as well.  In these uncertain economic times many community organizations need our support more than ever. 

We are also pleased to announce that George Wailes, one of our Litigation Group’s Directors/Shareholders has been elected as President of the San Mateo Bar Association, and that Laurelle Gutierrez has been elevated to Director/Shareholder of the firm in our Estate Planning, Trusts & Wealth Transfer Group.  Please join us in congratulating George and Laurelle on these well deserved achievements. 

Finally, you will notice this Perspectives is four rather than eight pages long as in past editions.  We realize that like us, all of you have much to read and review.  Accordingly, we plan to provide you with more frequent, but shorter more digestible editions of Perspectives throughout 2010.