Sensitive Matters

Disputes surrounding trusts and estates can be tricky and contentious, and often end up more complicated and long-lasting than need be. They also often involve a variety of actions, from discovery and pre-trial motions, to mediations and settlement negotiations, to trial and appellate proceedings.

Carr McClellan has a team of lawyers with deep knowledge of trust and probate law and procedure, as well as extensive litigation experience for both prosecution and defense. This combination gives them the expertise to bring about the best possible results for our clients, who include corporate, individual, and charitable beneficiaries.

Areas of Expertise

  • Validity of wills and trusts
  • Defenses of will and trust contests
  • Prosecution and defense of breach of fiduciary claims
  • Prosecution and defense of removal and surcharge actions
  • Accounting controversies
  • Disputes concerning the characterization and distribution of property


Representative Matters


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