Particularly with recurring transactions such as leases and construction contracts, which may be handled to some extent by the client’s non-legal members, outside counsel can create value for its corporate clients with in-house training that:

(1)  provides standards for uniformity in process and work product;

(2)  designates provisions for documents or policies that the client has identified as absolutes that should inform preliminary negotiations;

(3)  identifies the variations in absolute provisions or in standard provisions that will require additional internal client approvals which may impact process timing;

(4)  identifies critical terms or recurring issues with a contract or transaction and provides context for understanding why certain approaches to these terms and issues may be preferable with regard to outcomes desired by the client;

(5)  provides clarity on process in order to inform expectations, provide certainty regarding timing, and enhance collaboration among client’s non-legal members, in-house counsel, and outside counsel.

We customarily offer such in-house trainings to our corporate clients on a complimentary basis.  We have found that such trainings enhance the collaborative nature of our relationship with our in-house counsel, enhance our effectiveness to the client, and create measurable value to our client in the form of reduced fees, improved processing time, communication, and collaboration.

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