Carr McClellan attorneys, Mark Cassanego, Helen Christakos, Brendan Lund, and Valerie Menager will speak at the third annual Institute for Advanced Corporate Counsel (iACC) in Burlingame, CA on April 10, 2014.  They will be presenting on “Raising Your Tax A.Q. (Awareness Quotient): Tax Issues Facing Companies that are Expanding their Business Footprint.”

Companies are expanding their business footprint all the time. This expansion can include sales or services to new markets, opening offices in new jurisdictions, locating personnel around the globe, making strategic business acquisitions or transferring company technology to foreign jurisdictions. Frequently, these decisions yield tax consequences that could have been avoided if a tax practitioner was involved in the discussion and made company counsel aware of potential tax pitfalls or planning opportunities. This segment will address how recent tax laws impact a business as it expands its footprint, including:

  • The location of personnel in a city
  • Accommodating personnel who work remotely from home
  • Expanding sales or services nationally
  • Utilizing cloud/big data services
  • Operating offshore