“I’m Ed Willig, and it’s my honor to be the President of Carr McClellan, where I’m the Director in the Corporate & Business group.

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To everyone who has made our firm a success, and especially to our clients, we thank you. When I joined the firm back in 1984, Carr McClellan was one of many mid-sized law firms in the San Francisco Bay area. Many law firms have come and gone since that time, but thanks especially to our clients, and to our lawyers and to our staff, we continue to provide effective advice and strategic solutions to our clients on their most important legal matters.

One of the reasons for our success is, from our beginning, we have believed strongly in balance. Unlike many law firms, we’re not in a billable hours race, and we don’t seek to maximize our short-term revenues. We emphasis respect, courtesy, honesty, thoughtfulness, good humor and unselfish support for each other. With each other, and with our clients, we seek to build long-term relationships. These are some of the reasons why Carr McClellan continues to be one of the most well-respected firms in San Mateo County.

I have been fortunate to work on some very interesting and challenging transactions in my career at Carr McClellan. Some of those transactions have been working with startups on getting organized and raising their very first outside money so that they can get started. Some of those transactions have been mergers of very large organizations with thousands of employees and really, really complicated legal issues. And I’ve worked on lots of transactions in between.

Today, I continue to represent privately held companies, their founders, investors and executives. Throughout my career, I’ve benefitted from some amazing mentors, and I’ve learned a lot from many of our clients. I continue to count on my colleagues every day in supporting our clients. I find myself learning, growing and celebrating success with the firm every step of the way.

From our firm’s beginning, community service has been one of our hallmarks. Like virtually all of our lawyers, I’ve held leadership positions in a variety of community organizations, everything from the foundation, raising funds to support local public schools, to working with a non-profit agency providing critical services and housing homeless individuals and families. It’s been great to give back to the community, and it’s been great to work alongside other volunteers. I’ve also gained some really important skills in the course of that work, which helps me to this day.

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the firm, I am excited about continuing to attract very talented lawyers who share our values, our focus and our enthusiasm for practicing law, working with our expanding and diverse set of clients, and working with their other advisors.

Carr McClellan represents the past, the present and the future in our community. When you or your business need insightful, trusted guidance on your legal matters, we make it happen.”

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We have shared 75 years with the community, and in that time we’ve worked with some incredible clients. We would love to hear your stories about your company’s relationship with Carr McClellan.

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“The Carr McClellan team was instrumental in our most recent and complicated lease negotiation for the expansion plan for our business. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to accelerate the timeline and save a ton of time and money. It really felt like they had our back.”

“We didn’t realize we were going to scale so quickly and definitely didn’t know the right data and security questions to ask to ensure we were protecting our community. Carr McClellan reviewed and updated all of our policies and had great insights into the proper way to globally scale our brand while ensuring we were protected.”

“As a service business themselves, Carr McClellan understands how best to serve us so that we can focus on going what we do best: servicing our clients. They really have become our most valuable trusted advisors.”

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